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Eggs on the Wall . . . For the Love of Family

At the core of the book is Gerrier’s belief that children are responsible for the care of their parents, not the government, the nursing staff, or anyone else. Family looks after family at all costs. They are your flesh and blood.

Delve into the pages of the book by author Donna Jean Gerrier and discover the colourful members who make up this family as well as their equally dynamic neighbors and friends.

The importance of caring for family leads the Gerriers’ on escapades that demand insane courage and responsibility. There is Donna Jean’s elegant, wise and stoic mother, witty, mischievous father and playful, lovable dog, Sir Samwell.

As an only child, Donna Jean sings to her cows, contributes to her parent’s grey hair, and speaks and acts beyond her years.

Follow them on their journey as they live life being grateful for every day–many of which are filled with fun and laughter. Family, pets and the world as Donna Jean sees it is detailed in the pages of Eggs on the Wall . . . For the Love of Family.